One to One Sessions

One-to-One Advice Sessions for Artists, Freelancers and Small Businesses

That was so helpful Tanja, you have opened my mind to a whole new way of looking at the social aspects of getting ahead in the art world.

So much info! you tired me out…:)

Gary Schofield Artist & Designer

Ambitious. Achievable. Essential. Tanja Raaste and Nordic Nomad encourage performers & theatre makers to better understand and develop the day to day skills needed in the industry. From budgeting and self-motivation, to that loved (or loathed) word, “networking”, Tanja’s sessions are time and money well spent!

John Parry Actor

I have been advising artists, performers and other small business owners on business matters for over 10 years – if you are stuck on a project, on a budget, on a funding application, or just want some general business guidance, give me a call!

I can help you with

Website critique – your website is your shop window, is it as effective as it should be?
Strategic planning – do you have a business plan and a route map for where you want to go. If not, how will you get there?
Time management – so much to do, so little time. How and what do you prioritise? You cannot do everything.
Maximising your income through current clients. This is so often overlooked!
Getting new clients – do you have a plan in place?
Marketing – effective methods and techniques.
Negotiation – are you letting people push down your prices, or are you yourself paying over the odds? This is an easy and quick way to improve your bottom line.
Case Studies

In one session, a Pilates instructor maximised the efficiency of her website and created a USP for herself and her brand.
In one session, we created a strategic plan for a visual artist and identified some residencies to apply for.
Over three sessions, we did a full audit of income streams for an arts and crafts company, and created a plan for income generation for the coming year.

Artists & Creatives (performers, dancers, painters, sculptors, photographers…)

Ensure you have set up the business side of your practice.
Demystify business processes to ensure you are doing the things that need to be done.
Get more clients and make more money in a way that feels right for you.
Spend more time making your art, less time worrying about money.
Small Businesses (yoga instructors, complementary therapists, nutritionists, entrepreneurs…)

Ensure your website is working for you and getting you new clients.
Know how to give your clients the VIP experience, and earn more without finding new clients.
Pin down and promote your USP (Unique Selling Points) – why do people come to YOU?
Clarify your marketing message.
Do you have a handle on PR?
Having a clear strategy that will get you further, faster.
Web Pages

Coming soon – a unique cost-effective service that will get you up and running with a great new website. If you are interested, please contact us for more info.

Rates & Contact
1 ½ hour skype session £120
6 one-hour sessions – £430 (a saving of 20%)

Call 07980 619 165 for more info.

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