Le Point Vierge Opera

Original Music by Nicholas Chase, Jacob Feinberg & Wes Hambright
Musical Director Lisa Sylvester
Writer/Director Team Melissa Weaver, John Duykers, Scott Graff, Douglas Kearney & Sylvia Desrochers
Executive Producer John Duykers

April 23-24 2004
Modular Theater, CalArts

The themes and story of this opera emerged from a truly collaborative process. We researched martyrdom and explored the threshold where conversion begins in the human heart. What emerged is a absurd and somewhat satiric rendering of a prison caper, exploring the nature of true power through the eyes of the powerless.
The latest in the CalArts opera class series directed by John Duykers and Melissa Weaver, Le Point Vierge was a collaborative piece between faculty, students and alumni of both the Schools of Music and Theater.
As well as facilitating and participating in the creative collaboration, we also put together a ‘pre-show audience participation event’ – by creating an Orwellian nightmare state check-point, through which all audience members had to pass through on entering the theatre.

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