Doing our bit for arts advocacy

Have you ever felt comforted by an old film or TV programme, felt energized by a live performance, thought ‘I can do that’, or, ‘I could never do that’?

Putting aside the ‘what is art’ debate, I would like you to remember those feelings.  Now, you are tapping into your right brain.

We tend to live our lives guided by our left brain – which leaves little room for exploration, for curiosity, for stuff just to ‘be’ and for us to respond to it.

Art makes us pause, and look and listen.  It makes space in our everyday busy squeezed lives.  It connects us to ourselves, and to others.  Above all, art builds connections.  Through art, we can connect to our right-brain selves, and find out who we really are.

Why is it that so many organizations whose job it is to support the arts so seldom advocate art itself?  Instead, we hear that participating in the arts is good for marginalized kids, or that it brings in more tourism revenue etc.  I understand that this is how society often thinks of the arts – however, if the main organizations entrusted to support the arts do not educate society, then who will?

Maybe we need to.

I value the arts – campaign
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07 October 2010 (nl)