Marketing Copy Hall of Fame – Gaza Project

Clear information, just long enough, and utterly compelling:

How much would you pay to see a piece of theatre?
How much would you pay for somebody else to see a piece of theatre?
How much would you pay to ensure that 40 young Gazans have an eight week experience of creativity and imaginative drama that might change their lives?
£20?  £10? £5?
Participate in our project. Click<>
We are looking for 450 people who will support this work that will be carried out in Gaza in February March of 2011.
We want to raise £9000 by each person paying on average £20.
This is a lot less than the box office takings for one night at a West End theatre…and it will make a world of difference.
What parents said after a previous programme of workshops by Theatre for Everybody:
‘His dreams are troubled, but at least he talks about them – he tells me his dreams when he wakes up now – before he was just pale and silent all day and would never tell you what he was worried about.’
‘It got to a point when he was almost uncontrollable – hitting out at every one and everything, bullying his younger sister – now he is much calmer and less violent – there’s no comparison’.
Watch out for Gaza Drama Breathing Space event. Saturday 30th October 2010 at Soho Theatre, London.
More information about Gaza Drama Long Term: <>

September 2010 (nl)