2010 – A Year of Hospitality

Announcing a Year of Hospitality
The financial belt-tightening is going to be with us for a while longer but I propose we counteract it with overwhelming hospitality.  I have started to regularly host friends of friends, acquaintances, theatre professionals and artists from around the globe on their visits to London.  Usually, these visits revolve around my guests needing to be in London for a workshop, audition or similar, and this makes it just a little bit more affordable to them. 
They  come to learn, and I in turn learn from them!  All the visits so far have been wonderfully enriching and life-enhancing from my point of view too. How else would I catch up on the latest theatre gossip from NY or LA or St Petersburg? Also, whenever I think of my own visits around Europe, the US, Russia, Scandinavia, I am put to shame by the overwhelming hospitality I am shown by people I barely know.  I want to pass it on. And, for those who have been on my courses, is this not a way to network too?
Let’s open our homes to each other, to our colleagues, to friends of friends. 
I invite you to join me in making this the year of hospitality.

September 2010 (nl)