How to Enjoy Networking E-Course

Do you enjoy networking?  If you do, you can skip this page!  If not, read on…

I have been teaching enjoyable and effective networking for over a decade, and all the information from this popular workshop is now available online.

You can now access everything I teach in this module from the comfort of your own sofa, working through the course in your own time.

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“While doing this course, at one point I tried to google some additional information for networking in a specific relevant profession. Nothing I found was half as good as what I was studying in this course. So, I came right back to my lesson.”

“Turns out being kind, ethical and generous beats shameless self-promotion after all.”

— Soile Pietikäinen, Founder,


As an introvert and someone who hates the very idea of networking I now have a much better understanding of what it is, how to do it, and I kid you not – I came away from this course eager to get started in reaching out to people and building my tribe.

— Laura Li, Life Coach,