202, 2014

Book Review: Life in the Real World

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 Life in the Real World – How to make music graduates employable
Edited by Dawn Bennett
Review by Tanja Raaste

Many music students aspire to a full-time performance position on graduation.  However, according to Dawn Bennett, only ‘approximately 0.4% of Australia’s 167,000 musicians hold full-time performance positions with a single employer’.  So the logical conclusion is that the […]

2512, 2013

Last Minute Presents and Supporting Artists

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This year, I decided to buy all my presents where possible from artists I know and whose work I enjoy.

Why not get some last minute presents from your artist friends?

Some ideas:

Theatre tickets
Crafts / Jewellery
Paintings etc

This supports the arts while making great, personalised presents (especially if the artist will add a small dedication / signature), and […]

2904, 2013

A PR Campaign for ALL Theatre

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Just wanted to flag the great work that Amelia Bird is doing on this front.You can read more here.

710, 2010

The ‘I’m Worth it’ Negotiation Exercise

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This is a very simple exercise:  spend 5 minutes convincing someone (recruit a friend or just write in a journal) why you are ‘worth it’.

Think of a situation where you may need to negotiate – a job interview, a work commission, negotiating with a venue – anything where you want your own way!
Then, think of […]

709, 2010

2010 – A Year of Hospitality

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Announcing a Year of Hospitality   The financial belt-tightening is going to be with us for a while longer but I propose we counteract it with overwhelming hospitality.  I have started to regularly host friends of friends, acquaintances, theatre professionals and artists from around the globe on their visits to London.  Usually, these visits revolve […]