2204, 2013

Independent Producers – A Tipping Point?

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Have we reached a tipping point for independent producers?  Is the current crisis tipping over those who have been living and working on a knife-edge into giving up on producing altogether?

Is there a successful business model that an independent producer can implement, or will being independent always involve subsiding your producing work either with another […]

311, 2010

Hotel Medea – Interview with the Creators

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Hotel Medea is the uncompromising all-night re-telling of the story of Medea by ParaActive and Zecora Ura, which I experienced in London this summer.

Starting with a boat-trip over the Thames, and ending in the early hours of the morning at a warehouse, it was an exceptional journey, and rather than ‘audience participation’, was more like […]

710, 2010

10 years of producing in the arts … or running away with the circus

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I spent the first ten years of my career not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I tried many things, from devising market research projects to temping to producing high-flying business events.  Work was not particularly fulfilling, but it was busy and interesting enough, and I assumed this is the way […]