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2407, 2013

Alternative Living

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One of the things I look at both with private clients and in my workshops is personal budgets.  As an artist or performer, having a handle on this is crucial, as you can both save and waste money in unexpected ways, and therefore create or squander the space and freedom to do your work.

The biggest […]

2407, 2013

Going Naked – The Fine Print

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Robert Webb (of Peep Show/ Mitchell & Webb) recently told the Guardian of a time a director had let him down:  he was playing the part of a naturist,  shooting outside in May, and to add to his misery at being cold, the assurances of the director that his genitals would be pixellated in the […]

1004, 2013

New Ways of Selling Art

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There is a thought-provoking article about ‘Selling Art’ in the Guardian.  Some of the tips:Remember that ‘normal’ people buy art too – don’t just chase ‘collectors’.Letting people live with the piece before committing to buy.Make it fun!

311, 2010

Some Business Books are More Equal Than Others

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3 November 2010Or… all business books were not created equalI recently spent half an hour in my local library browsing their business titles.  The more books I flicked through, the more depressed I felt.  As I read snippets from here and there, I felt talked-down to, patronized, and my hackles were raised. Even my feminist […]

710, 2010

The ‘I’m Worth it’ Negotiation Exercise

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This is a very simple exercise:  spend 5 minutes convincing someone (recruit a friend or just write in a journal) why you are ‘worth it’.

Think of a situation where you may need to negotiate – a job interview, a work commission, negotiating with a venue – anything where you want your own way!
Then, think of […]

710, 2010

Budget Notes

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A budget – whether it is for a show, an exhibition, an event or a personal budget – is your roadmap.  It allows you to look at the facts and make choices.  Would you rather have that set piece for the show or original music?  Would you rather spend more on where you live or […]