1004, 2013

Together, in a Moment of Time

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After a recent Estrella Morente concert at Sadlers Wells, I started thinking about what it is that performers do, metaphysically speaking.  Performers… … Hold us together in a moment of time.  All 2, 10, 100, or 10,000 of us.  However many the space holds. … They hold us… and then release us. … Sometimes […]

1004, 2013

New Ways of Selling Art

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There is a thought-provoking article about ‘Selling Art’ in the Guardian.  Some of the tips:Remember that ‘normal’ people buy art too – don’t just chase ‘collectors’.Letting people live with the piece before committing to buy.Make it fun!

1004, 2013

Looking for what is Alive …or no more criticism!

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I want to share a recent discovery about a unique form of feedback which is called ‘Appreciations’.

This is a technique created by Jay O’Callahan (as described in ‘Making Ideas Happen’):

People need to relax to be able to discover.  Our unconscious won’t come forward and help us see things when we are too logical and focused […]

710, 2010

Doing our bit for arts advocacy

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Have you ever felt comforted by an old film or TV programme, felt energized by a live performance, thought ‘I can do that’, or, ‘I could never do that’?

Putting aside the ‘what is art’ debate, I would like you to remember those feelings.  Now, you are tapping into your right brain.

We tend to live our […]

710, 2010

10 years of producing in the arts … or running away with the circus

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I spent the first ten years of my career not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I tried many things, from devising market research projects to temping to producing high-flying business events.  Work was not particularly fulfilling, but it was busy and interesting enough, and I assumed this is the way […]