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202, 2014

Book Review: Life in the Real World

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 Life in the Real World – How to make music graduates employable
Edited by Dawn Bennett
Review by Tanja Raaste

Many music students aspire to a full-time performance position on graduation.  However, according to Dawn Bennett, only ‘approximately 0.4% of Australia’s 167,000 musicians hold full-time performance positions with a single employer’.  So the logical conclusion is that the […]

2512, 2013

Last Minute Presents and Supporting Artists

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This year, I decided to buy all my presents where possible from artists I know and whose work I enjoy.

Why not get some last minute presents from your artist friends?

Some ideas:

Theatre tickets
Crafts / Jewellery
Paintings etc

This supports the arts while making great, personalised presents (especially if the artist will add a small dedication / signature), and […]

2407, 2013

Alternative Living

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One of the things I look at both with private clients and in my workshops is personal budgets.  As an artist or performer, having a handle on this is crucial, as you can both save and waste money in unexpected ways, and therefore create or squander the space and freedom to do your work.

The biggest […]

2407, 2013

Going Naked – The Fine Print

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Robert Webb (of Peep Show/ Mitchell & Webb) recently told the Guardian of a time a director had let him down:  he was playing the part of a naturist,  shooting outside in May, and to add to his misery at being cold, the assurances of the director that his genitals would be pixellated in the […]

2904, 2013

A PR Campaign for ALL Theatre

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Just wanted to flag the great work that Amelia Bird is doing on this front.You can read more here.

2204, 2013

Independent Producers – A Tipping Point?

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Have we reached a tipping point for independent producers?  Is the current crisis tipping over those who have been living and working on a knife-edge into giving up on producing altogether?

Is there a successful business model that an independent producer can implement, or will being independent always involve subsiding your producing work either with another […]

1004, 2013

Together, in a Moment of Time

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After a recent Estrella Morente concert at Sadlers Wells, I started thinking about what it is that performers do, metaphysically speaking.  Performers… … Hold us together in a moment of time.  All 2, 10, 100, or 10,000 of us.  However many the space holds. … They hold us… and then release us. … Sometimes […]

1004, 2013

New Ways of Selling Art

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There is a thought-provoking article about ‘Selling Art’ in the Guardian.  Some of the tips:Remember that ‘normal’ people buy art too – don’t just chase ‘collectors’.Letting people live with the piece before committing to buy.Make it fun!

1004, 2013

Looking for what is Alive …or no more criticism!

By |April 10th, 2013|Arts|0 Comments

I want to share a recent discovery about a unique form of feedback which is called ‘Appreciations’.

This is a technique created by Jay O’Callahan (as described in ‘Making Ideas Happen’):

People need to relax to be able to discover.  Our unconscious won’t come forward and help us see things when we are too logical and focused […]

311, 2010

Hotel Medea – Interview with the Creators

By |November 3rd, 2010|At the Theatre, Interview, Theatre|0 Comments

Hotel Medea is the uncompromising all-night re-telling of the story of Medea by ParaActive and Zecora Ura, which I experienced in London this summer.

Starting with a boat-trip over the Thames, and ending in the early hours of the morning at a warehouse, it was an exceptional journey, and rather than ‘audience participation’, was more like […]