Tanja Raaste

I was born in Finland, grew up in Spain, and studied in the UK and the US. I have been lucky to work in the UK, US, Spain, Finland and France and I currently call London home.

I have worked in events, arts and theatre and am a producer, teacher and entrepreneur.

It is my passionate belief that artists and performers need to learn basic business and entrepreneurial skills to succeed.

I realise that my background, work experience and travels make me ideally suited to do the kind of work that I do, and I try and bring this unique perspective to all my teaching and writing.

I speak Finnish, English, Spanish, and some French and a tiny, tiny bit of Russian (work in progress).

I hope you will find something of use and inspiration in these pages.

[Tanja’s] knowledge of the contemporary field is breathtaking, and her ability to judge what’s before her, no matter how new or unforeseen, is consistently empathetic, curious, generous, and accurate.

Erik Ehn

Working with [Tanja] was one of the greatest pleasures of my professional
Michael Franco
Producer / Writer / Director, Zoo District Theatre Company