Going Naked – The Fine Print

Robert Webb (of Peep Show/ Mitchell & Webb) recently told the Guardian of a time a director had let him down:  he was playing the part of a naturist,  shooting outside in May, and to add to his misery at being cold, the assurances of the director that his genitals would be pixellated in the finished film came to nothing, and he ended up – I quote: “competing with my own cock for the attention of the audience.  And losing.”.   Not a great position to be in.

This came about because he had made a verbal agreement with the director, and when he brought it up, she told him that she did not remember the agreement.  Leaving Robert only hoping that the film would bomb and no-one would see it.

A sobering reminder of the importance of contracts, or of any kind of record – even an email:  ‘Hi, just to confirm we agreed on the pixellation…’.  Anything, that makes your position clear and acts as a reference will make things easier in the future should things go wrong.