Alternative Living

2013-06-08 18.31.41 copyOne of the things I look at both with private clients and in my workshops is personal budgets.  As an artist or performer, having a handle on this is crucial, as you can both save and waste money in unexpected ways, and therefore create or squander the space and freedom to do your work.

The biggest outgoing for most people is rent or mortgage payments.  Some people opt for shared living, living with family etc to bring these costs down – often temporarily as they save up, go to auditions, get a portfolio together etc.  Therefore, I wanted to flag up a couple of other options:

Property Guardianship – there are various companies that take on ‘guardians’ onto their books and allocate you to properties that would otherwise be vacant, for a much lower rent than market averages.  The upsides are the low cost and often interesting properties that you get to stay in, the downside is that you can be moved on with little notice (although you will most likely get another place through them, it means uprooting, moving etc).  Also, many of the properties are let as shared accommodation, with shared kitchens and common areas – which is great if you are looking for that kind of community, not so great if you want to live on your own.

Then, there is Homeshare – there are schemes all over the country (I haven’t checked outside the UK) that set younger people up with elderly people who like the companionship and safety they get from someone living with them.  The young person moves into the older person’s home and often puts in several hours a week into chores.  In return, they get a low-cost place to live.  There are many different schemes, some better than others (some charge high fees as for-profit companies, others are not-for-profit).  Here is a link to some of the schemes.