Looking for what is Alive …or no more criticism!

I want to share a recent discovery about a unique form of feedback which is called ‘Appreciations’.

This is a technique created by Jay O’Callahan (as described in ‘Making Ideas Happen‘):

People need to relax to be able to discover.  Our unconscious won’t come forward and help us see things when we are too logical and focused on criticismSometimes someone will say, “I just want to know how to improve, not what is good”.  People think that pointing out faults is the only way to improve.  Appreciations are not about being polite.  They are about pointing out what is alive. 

I am very much of the ‘only way to improve is to fix faults’ school.  However, it is not fun, and it really gets the inner critic going, who is  strong enough already, thank you! On the other hand, looking for what is alive, how great does that sound?

10 April 2012 (nl)