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311, 2010

Hotel Medea – Interview with the Creators

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Hotel Medea is the uncompromising all-night re-telling of the story of Medea by ParaActive and Zecora Ura, which I experienced in London this summer.

Starting with a boat-trip over the Thames, and ending in the early hours of the morning at a warehouse, it was an exceptional journey, and rather than ‘audience participation’, was more like […]

311, 2010

Some Business Books are More Equal Than Others

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3 November 2010Or… all business books were not created equalI recently spent half an hour in my local library browsing their business titles.  The more books I flicked through, the more depressed I felt.  As I read snippets from here and there, I felt talked-down to, patronized, and my hackles were raised. Even my feminist […]