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710, 2010

Doing our bit for arts advocacy

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Have you ever felt comforted by an old film or TV programme, felt energized by a live performance, thought ‘I can do that’, or, ‘I could never do that’?

Putting aside the ‘what is art’ debate, I would like you to remember those feelings.  Now, you are tapping into your right brain.

We tend to live our […]

710, 2010

The ‘I’m Worth it’ Negotiation Exercise

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This is a very simple exercise:  spend 5 minutes convincing someone (recruit a friend or just write in a journal) why you are ‘worth it’.

Think of a situation where you may need to negotiate – a job interview, a work commission, negotiating with a venue – anything where you want your own way!
Then, think of […]

710, 2010

Budget Notes

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A budget – whether it is for a show, an exhibition, an event or a personal budget – is your roadmap.  It allows you to look at the facts and make choices.  Would you rather have that set piece for the show or original music?  Would you rather spend more on where you live or […]

710, 2010

10 years of producing in the arts … or running away with the circus

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I spent the first ten years of my career not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I tried many things, from devising market research projects to temping to producing high-flying business events.  Work was not particularly fulfilling, but it was busy and interesting enough, and I assumed this is the way […]